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The moment we are going through as humanity living on a planet in danger of loosing it´s natural resources, imposes  fundamentally to take action by different practial measures that look on reducing the impact that construction and the use of these spaces. Every design intervention I look to apply as many as these measures as possible, adapting and respecting the environment and efficiency when using any resources.   This inspires me to build personalized  homes and playgrounds.


The craft of eco construction implies that is designed exactly to each indivudual case.  The decisions taken will depend entirely on where it´s located, waste management, construction technology and the materials to be used accordingly to the climate and client needs.

Detailed observation of the site leads more convenient directions for better use of resources, also is an example of the most important principle of Permaculture, this is applied in each case scenario. Guatemala has a privileged weather still, but that doesn´t mean that specific conditions of each region shouldn´t be taken on account when it comes to design,

Construcción Adobe Guatemala


Each person has it´s own specific needs, so eco home design is personalized and solved for every priority of each client.

Also each location is different and adapting is the best way to benefit from the place´s conditions.  Saving resources is seen in all directions all the time : high experienced team and high quality materials only.

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